The Taiji Academy wishes to convey our condolences to the Fu Family following the passing of Master Fu Zhong Quan, 3rd uncle of Grandmaster Fu Sheng Yuan and brother of Fu Zhong Wen. Master Fu Zhong Quan passed away 30 March 2015, aged 100 years.

Master Fu Sheng Yuan at a young age of 84 still travels the world [Spain, Portugal, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and India] teaching Tai Chi.

There are so many instructors and masters out in the world and readily available references via Books, DVD , TV and  Internet streaming it’s hard to filter and hone in on what’s real and what’s fake.

When you make the first steps to learning Tai Chi from Master Fu Sheng Yuan, be assure you are on the path to real kung fu.

Last thing you want is finding the time, effort and cost you spent, gave you no gain.

When considering to learn the Art of Tai Chi why not learn from the best.