As people from all walks of life are discovering, Tai Chi is a highly enjoyable way to stay relaxed and healthy. Tai Chi gives you inner peace, joy and vitality.

Tai Chi looks like a slow graceful dance, but behind the deceptively simple movements is a wealth of philosophy, medicine and science.

Originally developed as a martial art, Tai Chi is based on the fluid movement and on the gentle yielding motion which relaxes and stimulates every part of the body.

Tai Chi is about balance and harmony. But most of all it is about human happiness.

What is the Authentic Yang Style Tai Chi?

Yang style is the most widely practiced form of Tai Chi in the world. Many of the offshoots such as Beijing 24 and modified Yang style are recent manifestations based on the traditional form. Yang Lu Chan (1799-1872), also known as Yang the Invincible was the founder of the Yang style. His art has been handed down for the past 160 years. Yang Cheng Fu (1883-1936, third generation of the Yang family), one of China’s great martial artists, standardized the 85 movement form. In the 1920s he was captured on photos performing each of the 85 postures. It is this form which is known as the authentic Yang style.

Yang Cheng Fu’s nephew, great Grand Master Fu Zhong Wen, inherited  leadership of Yang style, representing the fourth generation. He was still strong, healthy and practicing Tai Chi right up to his death at the age of 92.

Yang Cheng Fu’s grand-nephew, Fu Sheng Yuan is the fifth generation to receive the entire transmission of the family art. He is the world’s foremost authority on Yang style Tai Chi , and has many followers throughout the world. Master Fu Sheng Yuan was recently  awarded the 8th Dan grade by the Chinese Wu Shu Association in China.

Grandmaster Fu’s son, Master Fu Qing Quan (James) is following in his ancestors’ footsteps. He is the sixth generation to inherit the full transmission of authentic Yang Family Tai Chi. Master James Fu was the national Chinese champion for Tai Chi weapon in 1988 and for Tai Chi form in 1989. He has now been awarded a 7th Dan grade by the Chinese Wu Shu Association.

Under the auspices of Grandmaster Fu Sheng Yuan, the Academy’s instructors are dedicated to passing the authentic Yang Style Tai Chi to the people of Perth and the world.

Spiritual Essence of Yong Nian

Grandmaster Fu’s formula for living was based on the marriage of movement and quietness which leads to good health, happiness and long life. Grandmaster Fu said, ” The art of Tai Chi requires constant movement, but the source of movement is quietness. It is through the practice of seeking serenity within movement that enables us to maintain good health and ward off disease.”

Life is movement. The essence of quietness is a calm mind. A calm mind is developed by the cultivation of the following qualities; to have a peaceful good heart; improve your character; look after your personality; lead a life of frugality and simplicity; be natural; maintain a quiet mind; and practice clear deep thinking. To chase after fame and fortune and have many desires only results in your becoming agitated in your affairs which will eventually lead to poor health. The greatest benefits in Tai Chi come through the practice of seeking serenity within movement; remaining calm even when conditions are difficult.

To know contentment is to have long lasting happiness. In your life, learn to cultivate an optimistic attitude; don’t be too concerned about the ups and downs of fame and fortune. Even when things aren’t going your way, refrain from becoming upset or disappointed. If you can put the above into practice, you will live a health long life and enjoy all that life has to offer.